Spend Time with our Rescued Monkeys


Monkey Rescue

We have 3 rescued monkeys at the lodge ( 1 Long tailed macaque from Bali & 2 short tailed Macaques from Sumatra).

They are older monkeys who have been raised as pets by Balinese owners since they were babies.

We found them in poor health and living conditions and bought them from their local owners to offer them a better life.

Lets be clear- We dont agree with Monkeys being kept as pets!

Although we would love to see them in their natural place, Monkeys who have been taken from their mothers when they were babies,

do not develop the necessary skills to survive in the wild.

 There is a very high chance if we release our Adult local monkey into our forest, he will not be accepted by the local wild monkeys and may be killed by the local group.

Our Sumatran Monkeys have a a 5% chance to be returned to Sumatra under current Indonesian non protected animal laws.

We Care

We have gone to great lengths & considerable costs, to make spacious, interesting and functional cages for our rescued monkeys.

With annual veterinary care and plenty of daily food, they are happy and healthy, we would love that they could be free in the wild,

as this is not possible, we know they have a better life now than when we found them.


Guests are welcome to spend time with the monkeys, they all have their own unique character.

Note: Monkeys are very sensitive -  if you dont show them fear or aggression, they will resond with a loving vibe.