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The most bird activity at the Eco-Lodge is between the hours of 6 – 7 am & 5pm - 6pm where many local birds can be seen and heard around the property, especially from your bungalow or at the Bamboo Bale.

Please ask for binoculars if you need them

Bird Watching Walk

If you would like to take a guided early morning Bird walk, please let our staff arrange this for you.

Time 6am -7.30am

Price: IDR 150.000 1 person / 2++ IDR 100.000 per person

"No Catching" Bird Policy

The people of Sarinbuana have declared this area as a “No catching animal zone”, due to its proximity to one of the two remaining rainforests in Bali. An area of 1,800 ha is dedicated to preserve nature. You may see locals with rifles – locals are permitted to defend their crops from squirrels (of which there are many) who make an annoying number of holes in their cacao pods – rendering them useless for sale.

We have observed that the local bird population has dramatically increased over the last 4 years. The Bali Black Eagle makes it’s presence known by it’s distinctive call and can be seen regularly spiraling down the valley.

Bali Starling Breeding Program at the lodge



Working with the Begawan Foundation (Project March 2011 - April 2013)

We were honored to have a pair of Bali Starlings from the Begawan foundation for breeding, unfortunately after 2 years they did not have offspring, so we returned the Starlings. We concluded that our climate was not suitable for the Starling, although the Starling was often seen in our area 20 years ago, it more likely nested in dryer climates of Bali. We were glad to have the opportunity to observe these very active and beautiful birds.

Extinct in the wild

Bali Starlings, once common in Bali, are now one of the World’s rarest birds. The Bali Starling is the only endemic bird of Bali and is now now essentially extinct in the wild. There are several breeding programs initiated in Bali which have recently released starlings on a neighboring island, Nusa Penida,

Only captive breeding programs have saved it from total extinction.

The most successful Bali Starling breeding program, is privately funded by the Gardner family, under the auspices of the Begawan Foundation.

Listed below are some of the commonly seen birds in our area.

Click here to see Birds found recently at the lodge – Compiled by Bird watching guests, Larz & Linda vant Hoff

Black naped oriole

Recently 46 species were spotted over 1 day at the lodge

Java pond heron

Black Bulbul

Ashy Bulbul

Javan & Collared Kingfisher

Red Jungle Fowl

Streak-Eared Bulbul

Black Drongo

Cattle Egret

Munia - many varieties

Oriental Cuckoo

Babblers & Barbets

Bar winged Prina

Bali Black Eagle

Tailor Bird


Pink necked Green Pigeon

Barred Cuckoo dove

Woodpeckers - 3 varieties


Coloured Owlet

Spotted Wood Owl

Olive-Backed Sunbird

White Crowed Forktail

Gold Whiskered Barbet

Emerald Dove

Hair-­‐crested Drongo

Asian Glossy Starling

Crested Serpent Eagle

Fulvous-Breasted Woodpecker

Yellow throated hanging parrot

Black-Capped Kingfisher

Red Vented Bulbul

Chinese Sparrow Hawk

Lesser Forktail

Black-­‐naped Oriole

Javan Owlet


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