Join Agus or Komang as they feed the animals each morning and afternoon at the lodge, it usually takes about an 40 minutes.

We have:

2 Fish ponds - one with turtles

Guinea Pigs,


Our Goat Daisy,

Monkeys - Lilly, Rose, Kylie and Nut

Daily Animal feeding times start at:

8.00 am & 4.00 pm

Bali Starling Feeding

Daily feeding times start at: 6.00am & 4.00pm

Please let our staff know so they can arrange this for you.

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AN ECO LODGE CONSERVATION PROGRAM working with the Begawan Foundation

Bali Starlings, once common in Bali, are now one of the World’s rarest birds. The Bali Starling is the only endemic bird of Bali and is now now essentially extinct in the wild. There are several breeding programs initiated in Bali which have recently released starlings on a neighboring island, Nusa Penida,

Only captive breeding programs have saved it from total extinction.

The most successful Bali Starling breeding program, is privately funded by the Gardner family, under the auspices of the Begawan Foundation.

We have known the Gardners for many years, and recently, having watched the Eco Lodge develop and mature, they have given us a breeding pair to start our own program at the lodge.

The pair are happily building their nest and getting ready to breed.

You can observe our pair of Bali Starlings daily as they wash & preen themselves. They are very active with a lovely bird call.

Our Starlings are lovingly cared for by Putu our Land owners son.