Retreats, Groups & Workshops @ the lodge

Facilitate your Retreat or Workshop at our Lodge. We provide a very private and special “space” in a nurturing & soft environment.

Your guests will be surrounded by nature, organic gardens and spoilt by our friendly local staff.

The lodge provides locally produced meals from our Organic gardens, with pure mountain drinking water and natural swimming pools.

Beautiful Round Bamboo Retreat Space - 40sq meters available

retreat 5Retreat space by night

Bamboo Bale reduced

We have hosted & facilitatied Workshops and Retreats at the lodge for over 20 years.

Our lodge & Retreat space is suitable for:

* Nature study groups

* Womens/ Mens Retreats

* School environmental education groups

* Martial art training groups

* Body work

* Healing work

* Trekking groups

* Yoga retreats

* Bird watching groups

* Weddings & family reunions

* Photographers group

* Culinery group

* Meditation Retreat

* Gardening/Permaculture/ Organic farming groups

For a PDF download with all our information please click here