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Current Projects

Past sponsored projects & on going support…

Would you like to join us and sponsor 1 of our Village Projects?

On occasion we are asked by our guests how they could contribute to our community in a meaningful way.

There are so many ways you could help our local community, every donation whether it’s big or small will help to develop our community.

Why donate to a village project?

Many guests are worried that their donations to Foreign Aid organisations do not filter through to those in need, but are soaked up by administration and other costs.

Donating directly to a village project ensures your money is going directly to those in need.

You can keep in touch with your project now, and into the future…

Who benefits from your donation?

Our projects are designed to help both individuals and community groups.

These projects are not solely focused on economic returns, although this is important, they may also enhance the social, spiritual or creative aspects of our community.

Projects available for Sponsorship or Donation

Village Football Team


The lodge sponsors the Sarinbuana Tigers football team which meets 2 times a week at the school grounds.

We are always in need of help with:

Futsel Team (indoor Football)

2 years sponsoring our local Futsel team for 16 yrs and over, they play every Sunday afternoon in our local town of Tabanan.

Donations go towards Tournaments, Uniforms & Weekly court hire fees

School Help

Since 2011 we have:

Sponsor a scholarship for a local student to attend University

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is currently looking for a new Young adult to Sponsor

In 2013 we finished sponsoring 22 year old Suara Yasa, to attend University in Denpasar Bali.

Suara started his first year at University on Aug 09 studying to be an Architect.  Suara has done very well and graduated in Oct 2013. He is now designing for both locals & foreigners - earning pretty decent money.

Tree planting in the Batukaru Rainforest

treeplanting1 treeplanting1

Would you like to make a 1 off donation to our tree planting scheme?

The price per tree is Rp 35,000 / USD$3.50 including planting & maintenance

Rp 105.000/ USD$10  = 3 trees

Our focus is on replanting native fruiting trees inside the Batukaru Rainforest to increase food resources for wildlife and to reforest eroded steep areas.

Trekking Guide Association Fund



For every guest walking in the Batukaru rainforest a donation of IDR 25.000 is given to the STGA

The Sarinbuana Trekking Guide Association will use your donation to:

Past Sponsored projects

English Class for local children aged 5-12 years

english1 english1


The Lodge has implimented weekly English classes for village children for over 8 years. ‘Learning english dramatically improves work prospects for young people seeking alternative careers to farming’

 Silat Class (Martial art of Indonesia)

silat silat

The Silat Group receiving achievement awards at regional finals

The lodge has sponsored the Silat class from April 2009 - 2012 , it had been over 15 years since Silat was taught in our village. Our school didn’t have any extra curricular activities before we started our 3 sponsored classes. We were happy to support this group for 4 years, which met twice a week for 2 hours of practice followed by silent meditation.

Many of our students have now grown up and left the school , We hope to reintroduce this class in 2015 if there is interest again from our village.

Bali Starling Breeding project


Bali Starlings, once common in Bali, are now one of the World’s rarest birds. Except for a small, and closely guarded, population in West Bali & 60 odd birds, which have recently been released on Nusa Penida Island.

The most successful Bali Starling breeding program, is privately funded by the Gardner family, under the auspices of the Begawan Foundation.

We were honored to have our pair of Bali Starlings for a year, unfortunately they did not breed, indicating our climate was not suitable for them here. We now wait for our new pair of Parrots to breed for release into the Batukaru Rainforest.

Spiritual dramatic arts group (Arja) - currently this group is not active (2014)

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge sponsored the vilage Arja. The costumes for this elaborate performance are very expensive & need to be hired for performances. This group is not active now in 2014.

How to Donate


You can donate to any of the above projects during your stay at the lodge.

Past donations from guest have enabled us to:

Community Aid projects

Over the last 14 years Sarinbuana Eco Lodge has raised over US$ 80,000 through: The Sarinbuana Trekking Guide Association, Guest Donations, AUS aid & Seacology grants to benefit our local community and implemented the protection of 800 hectares of neighbouring Rainforest, protecting the Sarinbuana Rainforest Mt Batukaru, Tabanan Bali.

Seacology Project

Thanks to Seacology, Norm and Linda vant Hoff, and the village leaders of Sarinbuana, 800 hectares of rainforest are now under protection in Mt Batukaru, Tabanan Bali.

Seacology, based in Berkley California USA have several projects around the world exchanging environmental stewardship of important natural areas in exchange for money to be used by the neighboring community for community based projects.

The area under protection is called a “NO take zone” which means no person can harvest, gather, hunt or cut down trees within the boundaries of the agreement. Signs educating locals of the new agreement have been posted at the entrance to the rainforest, and it is hoped that locals will gain alternative economic & social rewards by supporting Ecotourism.

The Mt Batukaru rainforest is the largest rainforest in Bali and one of only 2 remaining rainforests. You can support the local economy by taking a guided rainforest walk from Sarinbuana Eco lodge (Rp 50,000 per hour) and help locals to see that Eco money is more sustainable than catching birds & butterflies.

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