We were honored to be the feature of a one hour travel documentary to be shown on NTV5 documentaryCanada and TV5 Monde (French TV network) called “Partir Autrement” (Off the Beaten Path).

This was the last episode in a popular 3 year series, which circled the globe looking at eco-lodges, specifically those, which value their environment and work with their communities.

The crew spent 3 hectic days filming the Eco Lodge,  its people and environs. They particularly wanted to know what impact the Eco Lodge has had on the community, and it was very heartening to hear different people’s impressions of the benefits that our little business has brought to the area.

It was great to have feedback from a very appreciative, and well-traveled film crew who were full of praise for the Eco Lodge and what we’re doing here.  They genuinely loved the place and apparently, we stack up very well against other eco lodges .around the world.

Look out for us in May 2011. Drop us an email if you happen to catch it! It is possible to watch episodes which are already being aired on TV5 on the following website: www.partirautrement.tv5.ca