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Our Vision

To create a space that will place value on the environment & local community, and inspire those who come here to do the same in their lives.

The Owners: Norm, Linda, Larz & Oska vant Hoff

Norm first came (from Australia) to Bali in the mid-eighties, and then, on his fourth visit in 1989, he leased land from a local family and built a two-story bungalow from coconut wood and bamboo. This was Norm’s hideaway in paradise. He took a couple of months off work every year to come to Bali, and in 1992, he married Linda, in a colorful Balinese ceremony in Sarinbuana.

Together they imagined a place where people could come to be inspired by Balinese culture, the lush farmlands and the beauty of the rainforest on Mt Batukaru. Over the next five years, they held Permaculture courses at the Lodge, inviting international students, for an intensive two weeks, to learn about integrated design for sustainable communities and sustainable food production.

They added more guesthouses, and in 2000, Norm, Linda and their two boys, Larz and Oska, moved permanently to Bali. Over the next few years they developed their beautiful home in paradise into an eco-lodge, where others could come to share their experience.

A bit about Norm

Norm van’t Hoff has gathered a wealth of knowledge from over 35 years of practical experience & academic studies. Starting work at eighteen, as a commercial fisherman in Northern Australia, although he relished the adventure, he recognized the damage he was doing to nature, and left fishing to work instead on charter boats, on the Great Barrier Reef. In 1987 he gained his Captain’s ticket, working up and down Australia’s East coast and in the Mediterranean, for the next ten years. While working in the Whitsunday Islands he became horrified by the damage tourism was doing to coral reefs, eventually declaring, to family and friends, that he was going to become, an environmentalist.

Norm, as Convener of the Whitsunday Greens, ran a six year campaign to save local reefs, culminating in the widespread implementation of new reef protection strategies and the formation of the O.U.C.H Volunteers with his wife Linda. This successful campaign eventually resulted in the Government installing ‘No Anchor Zones’ in the Whitsunday’s, and public moorings throughout the Great Barrier Reef and  now, Nationally in Australia. 

Norm co - created Yayasan GUS with Richard Flax, a locally run NGO to clean up Bali in early 2001, Leaving the NGO for commercial consulting, Norm worked the next few years on private & commercial projects in Bali, implementing sustainable waste management systems, developing strategies for non-toxic pest control, greening hotel operations & designing environmentally friendly landscapes.

Norm was invited to speak at a Greenpeace sponsored, ‘Green Conference’, in Banda Aceh, which was to come up with ways to rebuild coastal Aceh sustainably, after the devastation of the Boxing Day tsunami. In late 2005, he went to Aceh to work on reconstruction, where, seeing a serious gap in capacity, he focused all his energies on the critical, if neglected, sanitation sector.

In 2007, while working for the German technical agency, GTZ, was a two-day seminar – with 300 attendees and simultaneous translation – sponsored by UNICEF, and supported by the major players in reconstruction, specifically to launch and ratify, his ‘Guidelines for Selection and Implementation of Sustainable Sanitation Systems in Reconstruction in Aceh’. His last project in Aceh was to design, socialize and implement a ‘showcase’ sanitation project, for 2,000 new houses, funded and implemented by the British and American Red Crosses.

Norm is a passionate teacher with a genuine gift for sharing the concepts, and the vital, underlying Principles of Social, Environmental & Economic Sustainability, via the practical methods he’s learned from Permaculture and hands-on experience.

Past projects

  • O.U.C.H - Co- founder - Queensland Australia
  • Concept & Manager - Yayasan GUS, Bali. Where he implemented rubbish management @ several beaches, started a high school environmental awareness program – which has been taken to over 20,000 Balinese students, and advocated vigorously, on behalf of the Kuta community, for better environmental management.
  • Design and implementation, to plant 4,000 native fruit trees, in damaged parts of the protected rainforest, on Mt Batukaru.
  • Consultant for USAID, GTZ, RED CROSS in Aceh after the 2005 tsunami. His first major task was working for USAID, where Norm’s practical experience and Permaculture training saw him giving four workshop trainings to over 180, water and sanitation engineers – from the twenty three different Red Cross agencies working in Aceh, plus Oxfam, CARE, GTZ, Save the Children, UNICEF, the Government Reconstruction Agency and a host of other NGO’s engaged in what was, the biggest reconstruction project in recorded history.
  • Norm's past Concept & Design Projects : Alisari, Loola,fresh BaliBali Eco-StaySumber Sari Eco Villas - 100% solar powered villa & Fresh Bali 

Currently, Norm is…

  • Sailing in the Philippines...

Norm is available for Design Consultation & Permaculture Teaching.

You can contact him directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A bit about Linda

Linda vant Hoff is from New Zealand, she first came to Bali in 1984. Linda has studied and practiced organic farming for many years. She has practiced permaculture principals & facilitated Permaculture courses at the lodge in Bali during the 90′s. Before leaving Australia she studied to be a Organic Farm Inspector for organic certification and also practiced Swedish/ Thai massage, Reiki & managed an Organic cafe in the Whitsundays, Australia. Linda has sailed the northern coasts of NZ, and was the first mate on the beautiful 57 foot White Swan in the Great Barrier reef Australia for several years. She instigated and managed the first Organic/ Bio dynamic Growers Market in Australia in 1998 which still continues today in Bellingen, NSW Australia.

 Now in Bali, Linda has taught Environmental Studies for 5 years to International students & home schooled their 2 sons at the lodge for many years. Linda has trained the local staff at Sarinbuana Eco lodge in: Management, Healthy cooking, Maintenance, Computer skills, English, House keeping & Organic gardening.

 Linda’s eye for 'the natural aesthetic" is reflected throughout the lodge where she has designed the interior & exterior spaces. She works daily with the staff on menus, landscaping, new design projects & has trained locals to be trekking guides and masseuses. Linda developed the weekly English class for local children for many years. She has also continues to support the weekly Balinese girls dance class, local boys soccer team for children aged 6 – 12 yrs & young Adults Futsel team. Linda has worked with the local community for many years, managing the Seacology project & raising environmental awareness in the community.

Linda has a love for Orangutans and has developed trekking Tours in Sumatra to bring economic benefits to the local community and raise awareness - on the plight of the Sumatran Orangutan. see Orangutan Treks

Linda is a Consultant for PT Bali Greenworld providing hands on experience in  Sustainable: Tourism, Interior Design, Landscaping, Marketing & Business management.

To view Linda's recent projects, please follow these links: Bali Eco Beach House, Sumber Sari Eco Villas & Bali Eco Stay

You can contact Linda directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

our wedding

Our Wedding @ the lodge in 1993



    * Winner of the 2007 - 2008 and 2010 – 2011 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award for best Eco Lodge in South East Asia


                              Receiving the Lodge award in Thailand 2007 & Singapore 2010


      * Nominated & short listed for the 2009 & 2011 Virgin Responsible Tourism Awards

      * Highest rating by the Natural Guide to Bali

      * 2013 Wildforest Best Eco lodge - Winner

      * Trip Advisor Certificate of excellent 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015

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      Although we have endeavored to make our buildings and grounds safe. In the unlikely event of an accident or Medical emergency while staying at Sarinbuana Eco Lodge. Management will not be held responsible for any costs that may occur as a result.

      Management is not responsible for any loss suffered by guests or their belongings – safety boxes are provided in all bungalows